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The Theory of Everything

Life is chaos.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason for why things happen.  We struggle to explain life through different lenses, and no one worldview seems to satisfy.  The great philosophers struggle to explain evil.  Science falls short in giving meaning to our lives.  Politicians fail to solve our problems.  Our popular culture is a disaster, and religion has become a weapon rather than a remedy.  But what if we found someone who could bring it all together?  What if there was a man so wise, whose heart was so compassionate, whose character was so faultless, and whose authority was so compelling that he won the respect of people from multiple religions, of countless philosophers, of the rich and the poor, of the powerful and the weak, from the ancient to the modern?  And what if this person spoke to all the major issues of our day with clarity, kindness, and consistency?  Would you follow such a man?  Would you believe in such a man?  Could a man like that change your life and change the world?  And what if multiple historic sources claimed that this man had risen from the dead, validating every claim he had ever made?   A man like that cannot be ignored.  A man like that has to be reckoned with.  A man like that could finally tame the chaos of our lives and provide the answers for which we’ve been searching.  That man is Jesus of Nazareth, and in him we find The Theory of Everything.

Join us on Sundays at 10 AM for our spring sermon series The Theory of Everything: Surrender to the Staggering Implications of a Resurrection.

Sunday's Message - 5/3/2015
Sociology (Where should we stand on the major social issues of today?)
The Theory of Everything: Surrender to the Staggering Implication of a Resurrection
Passage: Matthew 19

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