Indianola Heights Evangelical Free Church
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Jesus was not easily offended.  He mixed with tax collectors and dined with prostitutes.  As a matter of fact, Jesus was so at ease with outsiders that he was called a glutton, a drunkard, and a friend of sinners.  But there was one crowd that he simply could not tolerate.  There was one system that he could not stomach.  To put it bluntly, Jesus loathed the religious establishment.  He blew it up at every encounter.  And in the end his audacity got him killed.  History tells us that the Pharisees met their own demise with the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, but their sentiment survives to this day.  It slithers its way into our American churches, and it rots the soul.  But we refuse to dismiss this as someone else’s problem.  We will root out the hypocrisy in our own hearts before we dare look at anyone else.  And we will prevail.  Have you grown weary of conventional church?  Have you given up on typical religion?  Are you finally ready for something real?  Then join us Sundays this fall at 10 AM as we watch Jesus level the empire of the modern-day Pharisee.
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