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Dead Air - Why Prayers Fall Silent

There's a term in television and radio to describe the worst and most embarrassing mistake a broadcaster can commit.  This flub is the fastest way to lose an audience and can result in people being fired or otherwise disciplined.  It's called “dead air,” and it happens when a radio or television station broadcasts nothing but silence due to human error or technical difficulties.  And I think “dead air” could describe our prayer lives much of the time.  Have you ever felt like there's just no signal being transmitted between you and God – nothing but dead air?  Then join us for our current sermon series entitled “Dead Air: Why Prayers Fall Silent.”  If you've ever doubted the reality of answered prayer... If you've lost your confidence in God and feel like he doesn't really hear you anyway... If the whole things just sounds weird to you... If your prayers have fallen silent, then I want you to know that you’re not alone in the dead air.  This series isn't geared for the seasoned prayer warrior. It's directed toward the rest of us – those who struggle, those who've given up, and those who have never really started in the first place.

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