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Floundering: Jonah's Struggle with God

Floundering: Jonah's Struggle with God Is God allowed to surprise us? We spend our entire lives trying to make God smaller.  We try to reduce him to a scientific formula, where we always know what to expect.  We want to be able to predict his every move.  But if God is truly great, then shouldn’t he get bigger as we understand him better?  Unfortunately we often times have no tolerance for a God of surprises.  Many of us have been dulled by religion to the point that God doesn’t shock us anymore.  Our vision of God has no room for unpredictability.  And that’s sad, because as we’ll see in the Old Testament book of Jonah, we serve a God who is just a little bit dangerous.  Join us this month for our new sermon series entitled Floundering: Jonah's Struggle with God, and expect the unexpected.

Sunday's Message - 11/29/2015

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