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Identity Theft

There is nothing more personal, more special, or more intimate than a person’s name.  Parents wrestle with choosing a name for their children.  In a crowded, noisy room we can somehow pick out our name.  Our name is our identity.   It separates us from everyone else.  Our reputation and character are indelibly linked to our name.  More than anything else, for the good and for the bad, our name is who we are.  God understands this.  He has given himself many different names in Scripture to reveal his character to us.  And so when God comes along and changes someone’s name, it is a transformational experience unlike any other.  When God changes your name, he steals your previous identity and replaces it with his own.  Revelation 2:17:  “I will give him a white stone, and upon the stone a new name written, which no one knoweth but he that receiveth it.”  Do you wish you could start over?  Do you want a new identity?  Are you ready to put the past behind you and find the new purpose God has for your life?  Then join us at 10 AM on Sunday mornings for our fall sermon series entitled Identity Theft: When God Steals Your Name.  We’ll look at those times in the Bible when God changed someone’s name, and in so doing changed everything.

Sunday's Message - 11/2/2014
Why am I so bad at praying?
Dead Air: Why Prayers Fall Silent
Passage: Matthew 26:36-46; Mark 14:32-42

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